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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Do you love CFS?

Bismillah walhamdulillah....

Here, i would like to promote this link to all of my readers. If you are CFS's student. It is compulsory to you to visit this link and promote this link to others. Such as your classmates, roomates, homemates, society-mates, eating-mate, or whats so ever mate... Just inform them,please. If not, you are among The Khaasiriin (orang-orang yang rugi.)

The link is:


After that please activate your account and share anything with us. Also, visit this blog, of course more better than my blog.
The link is:


If you are not CFS's student, just visit to gain some view about CFS.

I hope,this promotion well enough to attract you to join us.

There's a lot about our beloved CFS and you can share yours some!

Ok,just take and look. Dont just take for granted!

This is not playground to play-play na.....

:: "Allahumma faqqihna fiddin, wa 'allimna takwil, wahdina ilas sawa'is sabiil" ::

:: Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman yang mendalam tentang ilmu agama, dan ajarkanlah kepada kami ilmu yang boleh memahami sesuatu yang tersirat, dan tunjukkanlah kepada kami jalan yang sebenar2nya. :) ::

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