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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Diary Exam : The end ;)

Alhamdulillah, summa Alhamdulillah. ;)

Lepas exam tadi, got a Clinical Practice Briefing Session. Suddenly feel awkward, am i doing all this next week? Am i ready? Mentally physically? Wah, how tough i am! ;p

While others are busy thinking what to do on their 3 months holiday, am thinking how can i finished the 3 weeks posting with love?

After all the hard work, the exam weeks already finished. Hoping for the best result. Yeah, we got the same determination, everyone!

Travelling from Kuantan to Bentong. So far. Next week, travelling to Temerloh. Luckily my first week posting at Beserah. Sometimes thinking like "Wah dewasanya saya. Am i doing this?" Yeah, it is.

I ask Allah to give me strong heart, lovely face, and the most important thing i ask Allah is, TAQWA.

I know, with TAQWA, all the makhluk on the Earth, even in the sky, will love us. It is nice to be love, actually. And especially love by ALLAH. ;)

So, it is easy right?

The best clothes is TAQWA. ;)

Btw, just finished packing all the stuff. Unexpected. Very unexpected. Why?

"Oh banyaknya barang aku! Rasa datang Kuantan hari tu bawak tiga beg je, how can it now be 7?? More than twice OK!"

My sister called me, she's saying.

"Apa perasaan dah grad tahun pertama?"

Huh. Not grad yet sister, the result is still hanging on the sky. May Allah ease and give the best.

My sister said,
"Your birthday is coming, you should improve something. I will send you an email. Please check. Then we will discuss."

Oh, i hope my sister got a good plan for me. Holiday at Sydney is sound nice, if it is. Ahhaha. ;p

I hope my sister plan not to send me to sewing course or cooking course. Oh no!

After 3 hours, she still didnt send me any email yet, and i keep on waiting for the email. ;)

Last night i got a nice moment with my sister and bro in law. Especially with Munir. Seriously, i missed that cute little boy.

My  bro in law going to Ijtima' Tabligh at Batu Lima Kuantan before they continue their journey to Seremban. If i didnt have the paper, of course i will follow them. ;(

He is crying when my bro in law want to continue their journey to Seremban.

Munir said,
"Kenapa sekejap sangat jumpa Cikna? Cikna nak balik UIA ke? Kenapa Cikna tak ikut Munir?"

Yeah, feeling like crying also when he keep on asking his mother.

I pray, my sister and her family happily ever after with Allah blessing. Btw, yesterday is my sister birthday. ;)
5 Jun. She already 35 y.o you now. How old she is. But still look young. Oooh, jelous. Some people who doesnt know Munir, would say Munir is my son. Oh God. How can... *headache*

Ok, hope to see you soon dear Munir. Insya ALLAH.

Husnakamarudin. ;)

:: "Allahumma faqqihna fiddin, wa 'allimna takwil, wahdina ilas sawa'is sabiil" ::

:: Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman yang mendalam tentang ilmu agama, dan ajarkanlah kepada kami ilmu yang boleh memahami sesuatu yang tersirat, dan tunjukkanlah kepada kami jalan yang sebenar2nya. :) ::

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