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Friday, July 16, 2010

For all ‘JULY’ians~

Salam. Now, I would like to give my special wishes to all of my friends. Due to their birthday. This is not the first time I pray for them. But,this is the special time to wish them on their special day. I hope, all of my friends (which is their birthday on JULY), always remember Allah in everything we do. And I pray the best for all of you in everything you do. I hope Allah bless you and Allah love you,but,we must love Allah first,right? Anyway,if I didn't have kesempatan time to wish you. But here I would like to warmly wishes you,on air!

3rd July

Andi Ramony Andi Rahim. I know her since last semester. She's come from Sabah ba.. Proud to know her.

5th July

Siti Sarah Ghazali@Suhaimi. She's a dentist-to-be. Coming from Pahang. Very like with PENERBITAN. Erk. Very silent person,but I don't know her well due to lack of meeting with her.

8th July

Izzati Azwa. Waa! This is my DQ-mate. Hoho. She's my roommate bestfriend(Cokdi's bestfriend). Ex-SAMBEST. Physical Sc. Course and one and half year only at CFS. This is her last semester. Perhap,Allah give the best to her. And.. She ever blanja me with LAKSA PENANG KUAH PEKAT from Pasar Malam. Waa. Thanks very much Izzati. When somebody mentioned her name, I remember her cute voice! Opss!! But,our ukhwah last long forever rite??Hee..

10th July

Faizah Shamsul Arifin. Also my DQ-mate. Sweet voice. Sifu in TARANNUM. Since I know her, she's very well-managed person. Coming from Perak. Wah! Very good you know! Anyway,im proud to be her friend. Her father very famous in Tarannum's field. Wah,very lucky2!

16th July.

Halimaton Saadiah Rusli. Coming from Kedah and taking ICT at CFS. One of the ICT main comm. Small but attractive person. I know her well only on this semester but its enough for me to write about her here. May Allah bless our 'friendship'.

17th July

Ummu Habibah Sulaiman. Also my DQ-mate. But she's not at UIA now. She's fly to Misr (MESIR). But you know, 1st day at DQ,she was my roommate. But after that the PERKEMAT change my roommate to Farah Haseenah. Anyway, im proud to be their roommate. (Farah Haseenah and Ummu Habibah). I hope, one day, when Ummu come back to Malaysia, we will see each other together with other GEN9. May Allah take care of our relationship..!

19th July

Alyaa Zahraa. Coming from Sarawak. One day, I wish to eat kek lapis SARAWAk from her. She ever be my anak usrah on STUDY CIRCLE organized by CFS. But now I am no more facilitators. I pon don't know why they just reject me like that.
Sometimes I feel bad because before I'm become a facilitator there was a interview with Leadership Training Department. But know,they just throw me away like that. Like I never work for them. Ohh.. no…!

21st July

Ashamdie Hakimi. He's my classmate during SPM. Well known. And he was my class rep. Anyway,he was very well-managed person too. He had finish his foundation on Engineering at CFS and now he's at Gombak,main campus. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, one day I hope they will call me to join their reunion. Because since I was DQ student, they really afraid with me. I don't know why. What I know, since I was studied at DQ, I never know how to kill people or what ever. And they still afraid with me till now. I hope one day I will know why.

Nur Ilyana Jusuh. Ha! This is very happy-go-lucky friend you know. Ahhaa. She's coming from Terengganu and her slank very good. Haha. When im talking to her, I cant bear to speak in Terengganu as what my adik beradik Usrah MArjan Hanani make me feel. Hoho.

28th July

Mohd Khalil Ridha. He's my brother. Youngest brother. Some people don't believe that I have a 'adek'. But,if you want to know, I have a 'adek' la. I don't know why they think I am anak bongsu. Hoho. My ade is studying at Pondok Lubuh Tapah in Tahfiz Quran. Alhamdulillah. He is very masyi than me. Of course. And this Ramadhan, 1st time he will be far apart from us because he got an offer to conduct the Solat Terawikh at Pahang. Wah,adek! Im proud of you. Act,im not a good sister. Because sometimes I think I am anak bongsu jugak. But Ridha is a very good 'adek'. I always marah2 my brother. Because I hope he'll be more better then his brothers and sisters. Oh. I hope u understand dek! Don't worry, when I come back home on this 29th July, I will bring you jalan2 and Makan2. Ya? So,wait for me!

Ahmad Naim bin Mohammad Khairil Sedqi. Haha. This is my nephew! His 1st anniversary. Look,his father name very long le. Alamak. All of my brother got the same problem with their son because father's name very long. Ohho. Ahmad Naim!! I really miss to meet you. Lastly I met Naim on Februari at Kuala Lumpur. We were visited AQUARIA you know together with all of my family. Very excited. On last Tuesday,during my meeting with Fahmi and Zaleha due to DnW of MEDCY, Ahmad Naim called me! (of course Abi dia yang call kan). My brother said, NAim very active. And comel like me. Opss.. this is what my brother told me. So I don't know.. Haha.

30th July

Nur Shakila Muhammad Safie. Syakila is from Kedah. I hope im not wrong. Shakila is very attractive person. But, I don't know her well yet. Don't worry,I will! Heee.

31st July

Nor Amanina Yusran Azizan. Credit to Marjan Hanani. Amanina is my acik in Marjan Hanani. She's from Kedah and Doctor-To-Be. Insya allah. During my besday, she gave me very special message until I don't believe it was coming from her. I hope Acik understand me. And I want Acik know, I need Acik and I want Acik stay forever here.(sambil menunjuk kea rah hati). Acik ye? May Allah bless our ukhwah. And for Marjan Hanani, don't forget to wosh our Acik soon yaa!

That's all from me. I know, mybe I miss some name and date. Im sorry. I cant remember all. But, if someone do not satisfied with me,just come and lempang me. Ahhaa. Anyway, with this, iknow I have many friend! Waa! Don't be jealous ya! And for others who celebrate their besday on July, please don't forget to say ALHAMDULILLAH and great thanks to our parents on their all effort for us. Of course, they taking care of us very well,rite! So, give thanks to Allah.. And pray the best to be 'tua'. Ok? See u..

:: "Allahumma faqqihna fiddin, wa 'allimna takwil, wahdina ilas sawa'is sabiil" ::

:: Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman yang mendalam tentang ilmu agama, dan ajarkanlah kepada kami ilmu yang boleh memahami sesuatu yang tersirat, dan tunjukkanlah kepada kami jalan yang sebenar2nya. :) ::


Alyaa said...


Kak husna, ingat gak birthday sy ea? Hehe. Tq :)

Anonymous said...

mesti la ingat alyaa.. heeh

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