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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Change : Why so afraid?

Having such a great 'lepaking'(the root word is LEPAK) session with lecturer never dissapointed me. Indeed, i always feel very delighted to hear any motivational talk from them. Yes, them. ;)

This semester, i found it very interesting. Why? Because i choose to spend my day at the kuliyyah. Before this, after class i choose to go back to the hostel and 'lepaking' on the bed which is finally lead to sleeping and sleeping all the time.

Look at my pointer and my dream, i cant abide the same rules. I need change. From there, i change my routines. Why we are so afraid to change? Why? Changes towards something better is very worth OK. ;)

Yet, to change we need something or might be someone who will keep motivate us. My permanent motivator would always be my parent and family. Surely. Beside that, also my courage to achieve my dream help me a lot. Thats why dont afraid to dream big, think big. ;)

After 2 months of change my older habit, i got a new habit which is stay up at the kuliyyah from morning until evening. Settle down the works, assignments and anything even just a light reading. Yes, i did everything which is more beneficial than sleeeeeeeeppp. Heh!

I feel very GOOD than before.

And i finally said to me myself, it worth to change. Yes, it worth to change our routines.

I know its hard actually for us to move to another routines. But, the hardest thing to do is always the best consequence to get. Believe it. ;)

I dont know how to convince people to leave their older habit and move to another positive habit.

Try to change to our better future. Yeah,indeed. We need to change. Dont stay with your habit. Change. And we will get a better effects. :)
:: "Allahumma faqqihna fiddin, wa 'allimna takwil, wahdina ilas sawa'is sabiil" ::

:: Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman yang mendalam tentang ilmu agama, dan ajarkanlah kepada kami ilmu yang boleh memahami sesuatu yang tersirat, dan tunjukkanlah kepada kami jalan yang sebenar2nya. :) ::

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