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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mahallah Khadijah

None. This post just want to promote Blog of Mahallah Khadijah.

Last night, there was a Mahallah Briefing. I think everyone attend the briefing session because it is compulsory! So i attend it. Without Ikhlas? Haha. Only Allah know.

There was a gimmick planned by us. Not so bad. But very funny kot. Anyway, the briefing by Madam Saayah as well as last year. Telling all of us everything about Mahallah. Sound nice to 1st year student but maybe not very good for 'kakak'.

Also,there was a talk by Sister Nurul Izzah from Gombak. Law student. Berlakon part also 'intresting' but i think it should be cut to become shorter because i spent whole of my night without praying Isya' yet at AMF HALL. Ahha. By the way, i keep thinking about my toturial and biology lab report in my green bag at hostel!

But, i know the committee struggle very hard-hard lah to make this event function well. So, a big applause for them. Huuuuuuuu... Clap your hand? No jerit-jerit?

Please gimme a big applause too as a leader of Asma Al Husna recitation on the spot together with Siti Khadijah and Nadiah Hassan. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Maybe because of my name,they pick me. So dont be jelous.

This is the link;

perhaps there is my picture..haa..in my dream lah.

Ok,see u again.

(sorry for broken english. This is testing-testing session)

:: "Allahumma faqqihna fiddin, wa 'allimna takwil, wahdina ilas sawa'is sabiil" ::

:: Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami kefahaman yang mendalam tentang ilmu agama, dan ajarkanlah kepada kami ilmu yang boleh memahami sesuatu yang tersirat, dan tunjukkanlah kepada kami jalan yang sebenar2nya. :) ::

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